Intrested in applying for -=ESW=-

There are 5 rules to joining Team-ESW.

  1. You must play on the server on a somewhat regular bases, and preffer you to be old enough to serve in the military.

  2. You have to be a curtious player and respectfull of others and participate in the forum.

  3. You must join team speak so we get to know you.

  4. You Must Swear your Loyalty to the The Chicago Bears and Pledge To Hate Geen Bay with a passion Joking but helpfull.

  5. Option 1.AS A -=ESW=- member we ask people to donate to help offset the $55.80 a month bill for the server cost even if just a dollar.

If you want to apply, please start a new thread in the Join Team-ESW on our forums and make the subject your name,wanting to join and what server you play on.

The ip for team speak is Also, make sure to put in your nickname you use in game so we know who you are.

Need Team Speak? Click Here