How -=ESW=- Began

A little background into -=ESW=-. this Game Community was formed by three people. We came up with the name to stand for Extremely Sedistic Warrior. It was our first names we used in games and it worked. So for all of you who ask you now know what are name means.

-=ESW=- Purpose is nothing more than a group of ex military and people currently in the military, that enjoy video games and playing in the same servers. We allow other folks not in the military who are respectfull and squared away. We do not participate in league play. We do not have schedueled practices, or scrimmage any other clans. We are just a group of people having fun and playing games. So please do not ask to scrimmage that is not what we are about.The goal is to build a Gaming community not a clan

-=ESW=- is always recruiting people who want to just have fun and be part of the community, but we have some requirments. If intrested in joining check the(join us page). Enjoy Team-ESW, and our Many servers we offer.

Thanks -=ESW=-Extreme